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See what current and past clients are saying about Abbey and The Aevus Group

The Aevus Group

Mariam- Oakland

“I am so thankful we hired Abbey”

My family situation would have been so much more stressful and traumatic without Abbey. We hired her when my mother fell and hit her head landing her in the hospital. She helped us understand the rehab process and what our options were moving forward.

The Aevus Group

Dylan- San Francisco

“Great advocate to have on your team”

Abbey manages my brother’s care team. We hired her on to help us with interviewing and helping select caregivers and we have kept her on ever since. She really looks after everyone to make sure my brother and caregivers are all happy. She finds things that need attention that we never would have thought of! Its nice to have a professional helping us manage a challenging situation.

The Aevus Group

Danielle- San Ramon

“She held my hand through it all”

When my father was diagnosed with 6 months or less to live, I didn’t know what to do or what need to be done. I desperately needed help. Abbey was referred to me by a close friend and she swiftly came in and held my hand (literally and figuratively) for the last 4 months of my fathers life. She recommended all the appropriate steps be taken, like make sure my fathers will was updated with his final wishes, she helped me become his Power of Attorney so I could make decisions on behalf of him when it was time, and she even helped me find someone to come in and give him massages, cut his toe nails and give him a haircut when he was on hospice! She made an unbearable burden feel doable. I am forever grateful for her for being there for me.

The Aevus Group

Bertie- Orinda

“Abbey helped my family understand my final wishes”

I am a 92 year old who was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. I have chosen not to pursue treatment and people that I love dearly are having a hard time with this. I brought Abbey on to have her professional expertise on dealing with delicate situations like these. She helped me have very difficult conversations and was able to be there for everyone who had questions. She is also helping educate me and my family on our options in the last few months of my life. I did not like my hospice care team that was assigned to me from my doctors office and Abbey helped me find another company that fits me and my final wishes.